I’ve have been using my iPad for inspections and it has been working very well except for today. I had a few crashes during the inspection, but I was able to open the report right back up and continue from where I was. The third crash wasn’t so nice. I could open the app, but my saved report was no where to be found. Needless to say I finished the home inspection with the old fashion pen and paper.

Does anyone have his same issue? When will HG get a solid running app? I’m seriously thinking of switching inspection software companies because HG has so many problems with their mobile platforms. I do like HG inspection layout and that’s why I haven’t switched yet

Yes it is frustrating, hang in there, I know they are working on it.

Personally I find it amazing that you can do an inspection using an iPad, kudos to you, seems to big to haul around and use for me personally.

I have an iPad mini with a case and shoulder strap. Works awesome. But I use Spectacular not HG.

I use an iPad mini as well

Had same issue with another brand. Almost done and it kept glitching and freezing. I always carry paper field reports and take tons of pictures exactly for that reason. A picture can tell a thousand words, just make sure to take quality photos.

I use iPhone 6 and HIP . Yes when Apple updates we can have glitchy issues but the HIP
team stays on top of it and I have never lost a report!! Maybe a picture I last took when it crashed.

HG Mobile platform for Android has been solid for a few years.
I’m testing the next update on HG Companion** ios** now. So please hang in there those wanting the ios. The hard part is over. We are still in beta mode so it would be great if you didn’t use it on real reports. Also its good to say yes to send crash report when opening back up.

Using an iPad for inspections is my preferred choice.

I’ve been using Homegauge in beta now for a while and it is definitely not optimized for the iPad. They could easily take advantage of the screen size, but I’ve found its just an oversized iPhone app. My biggest problems are in landscape mode when text boxes don’t resize or shift and get covered by the keyboard.

Not iPad specific, but when scrolling, I’m constantly selecting ratings on accident. This has been an ongoing issue.

That is correct Patrick. We would need to have the developer create a special configuration just for the iPad device. Currently we have been banging our heads trying to get the initial release out. There is a nice update from the developers that the HG office has now and will be updating the store soon. Perhaps next week.

Thanks Russell. I completely understand it’s not a simple process.

Looking forward to the update!