HG Wind Mitigation form

Hello all Florida HG users, when you do wind mitigation inspections on HG from. I see where the customer signs the form, but where do I sign the form. I cant find a button or area for inspector signature.

Can someone point me in the right direction.


3rd party Wind Mit App.
HG is great but the 1802 is faster with other solutions.
(What you’re asking is possible, but I don’t use the software for wind mitigation anymore, so I don’t remember the steps. Sorry…


I have been using John S forms, they work great, saw that the 1802 is on HG and wanted to try. I created a 4-point template on HG and want to try to use one program for all inspections. I tried to play with it, but think John S forms are easier to use.

You either need to email a signature to HG support or scan your signature and create a jpeg image of it. This means both the full signature and your initials.
Once completed you can include these two under pics 9 and 10 in the print preview/preferences section.
They will show up automatically in each report.
I called HG and they walked me through it. Very simple.
The only downfall with the hg forms is that you have to actually label the picture itself, meaning you have to place the text on the actual picture. They are supposed to be correcting the forms so you can label under the images, but not as of yet. Other than that, the form will auto populate all your user, and your information such as name, address, etc.
Feel free to call me also if i confused you enough. 321-506-5504

At the menu line in HomeGauge software go to Options and choose Forms Options. There you can select the two signature images Sean Fogarty above explained how to put them in at File Printing Options…Logo tab

Thanks Dom and Sean for the help

I love HG - but their wind mit forms leave something to be desired. No ability to resize the photos. And the photo quality is greatly diminished it you try to enlarge the pdf. I would be more than happy to send my fillable pdf to Russell and he can edit it to work in his software.

What fillable form are you using? Is it the one John S made or did you make your own?

Expect an update soon with Forms. We plan to enlarge the photos and add back the label feature under each photo.

It would be great if you could get the signature capture for the client signature on the form to be able to work in HG companion using a hand held device.

I’m not even sure any more - It’s very possible. I have Adobe Live Cycle so I changed a couple minor things and added comments to the drop down box under the photos. And I really love the add a photo page button at the bottom.

Russell was this update released?

Russell is long gone.

You say that like he died… Probably just sold his multi million dollar company and is living the good life…