Signature Software

Good afternoon guys,

What apps do you guys use to provide signature on your wind mitigation reports? I have an iPhone and was using Hightail but with their recent update the form does not keep the interactive fields.

I usually have the homeowner sign the form and then email it to myself. when I get home I pull up the form and fill in the info using the interactive fields and then email the reports to the homeowner and agent if requested. The update to hightail no longer keeps the forms interactive fields.

Is there any particular software apps you guys use for this purpose?


Justin Deese

I have a scan of my sig in jpg format and I make the sig line up on the form as an “Image Field” .Then just drop my sig image in like all other images.
I never have the client sign the doc. I leave that up to them.

Just uses the pencil tool and Adobe, sign it using your mouse,and click save.

It’s not my signature that’s the issue it’s the homeowner’s. Is there any software that you guys use to capture the homeowners signature for your wind mitigation reports? Specifically software on an iPhone. I use to use Hightail. It was perfect until they “updated it”.

Let HO sign it after you email them the report.
I alway leave that line blank.

We have our clients sign in Adobe on full tablet computers or pdf expert on iOS or PDFs on android

I’m not sure for the iPhone, but for Android I use QPDF Reader works great. I have the client sign the form and it sends right over in email.

Contact John Shishilla who posted above. John will make up customized fillable forms for you. Download the PDF Expert app ($9.95) and open the forms in the app. You can have the client sign the form right at the site. Works perfect every time for me.

I no longer customize them. The Nachi versions are free though.

Thanks John PDF Expert works perfectly.

For those that have android devices, Qpdf Notes works well.
They have a pencil, and they can sign with their finger.

You’re welcome, glad I could help


The new version of Qpdf Notes does not work with the pdf forms done in livecycle. If you are using an older version, make sure you don’t update it. I had that problem when i got a new tablet and I contacted their support. They said they didn’t support those forms. I told them I was using their app on another tablet and it worked fine.

I figured out that I had an older version on that tablet. They checked and discovered that the older version would work but not the newer version. They did send me the old version for my new tablet.

They must have someone new answering the questions!
I have communicated to them on several occasions.
Theirs is the only app on the Android market, that I have tried, that works with the livecycle designed forms.

Adobe doesn’t feel the need to make an app that works with forms designed in their own program!