Wind Mitigation & Home Guage

I am a HG subscriber new to the business. I wondering how other Florida inspectors are handling their wind mitigation reports. My approach thus far has been to add the form as attachment then use the form picture page.

The issue I’m having is that the picture clarity seems to downgrade using this approach but not sure if its my camera or HG software. I’ve thought about using John S. forms and uploading to HG or just sending outside of HG entirely as options.

Can you share what works for you? Thanks.

Tim Czachur

I use John Shishilla’s forms and upload it into HG and send it off. HG forms work good if you have a Surface Pro 3 but if you have a good smart phone use John S. Forms

I use Homegauge, and like it for the general home inspection, but not for Wind Mits. Their solution is clunky and weird for that form.

I use a 3rd party fillable PDF for the 1802, takes less than 3 minutes to assemble and upload alongside the HG report (or email separately). This also makes it simple if all you’re doing is the Wind Mit, (post inspection for example).


Thank you. This helps will try this approach on next inspection.