Florida Wind Mitigation 2012 Form

Russell, I see you have the INACHI 4-point form with 4 picture pages attached. Can we get the 1802 with the picture pages attached to the form Looking for about three to 4 pages. I really want to inter-grade everything into HG. I use HG for home inspections and 4-points, but use a fillable form for wind mitigation’s.

This is just a suggestion, I really like how the 1802 looks on HG,

After you insert the Florida Wind Mitigation form, go to add another form and select the form “Picture Page”. Check the box to “Append to Previous”. This will attach the picture page to your Florida Wind Mitigation form. Repeat to add another page of pictures if needed, this way you can have as many pages for photos as you need for your 1802 form.

That’s what I was missing, Thanks;)

Is there a way I can add my signature into this report? I see a spot for customer signature.

We have a FAQ online with instructions:


So… There is a field for the customer to sign the form live?

Yes. at the top of the form click “Customer signature” and a signature box is there to sign with a mouse or stylus pen depending upon your hardware.

I still think the pictures are way to small to use. Is there a way where us inspectors can import our own forms into Homegauge? I know I can add as an attachment (which I currently do now) but would be nice to have access to my own form from within Homegauge

I am hoping the nerds change that in the 5.2 release they are working on. This update will come next.

To answer your question if you have the full adobe acrobat version you can make your own forms. I wish the forms picture feature worked like our regular picture feature where you can adjust the size or have extra large pictures if desired.

I created my own forms with Adobe LiveCycle - Would be great to import them into Homegauge with the nest update!!

Seems good to me?? You can adjust the size of the photos. I just completed my first WM on HG. I attached a photo of the picture page.

You can make your own custom pdf forms that can be filled out using HomeGauge. It isn’t extremely difficult to do yourself, but it is a tedious task with long forms with a lot of options. Here are instructions:


Russel that has a bug in it. If you try to add the page it messes up the form

Shawn you may need to re-download the forms. I have forms that go up to 3 and 4 pages.
It would also be nice to be able to label below the images also.

Hey Sean,
I am not finding a bug on that process…? Also the new way is the way I described it to Shawn Staggs. Your way was for the old forms which we took out because the forms with extra pages was either too many or not enough. We kept getting request for more pages etc and so we came up with the Append page so you can add as many as needed.

If you can repeat the bug can you email me the steps and what happens etc. more details please.


I just purchased a Surface Pro 3 and used the desktop HG out in the field with the 1802 form. Works good, easy to fill out, add pictures. I would like to see an ability to change the picture sizes, pictures are top small. I would also like to see a caption box under the pictures. Have this box set up with a text box or dropdown box.

So far HG is running smooth on my Surface Pro 3. Will keep you guys updated as time foes along.

great advice. thanks everyone.