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Ok… maybe I’m reading all this wrong… which is VERY possible…

But it appears that in order to perform home inspections in the state of North Carolina you must be licensed by the state. Correct? But in order to be licensed by the state you must (now these are not exact numbers but very close, I just don't have the info open in front of me) Be registered architect, professional engineer, licensed general contractor, or the 'Equivalant Experience' which they list as a Bacherlof of science degree from any engineering, architecture or building technology school and two years experience working in building design, construction or inspection.. OR Six years experience as an employeee who works under the direct supervision of a licensed general contractor...

ANYHOW... my point is.. it requires years of education and experience... so my frustration is.. did I just waste my time reading these books and web sites? How do I get started in the business in NC if I have to be licensed by the state, but in oder to be licensed by the state I have to have all this education/experience that I don't have?!

I'm FRUSTRATED.. or maybe just confused...

Thanks for any clarification..


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Hi Jeff,

I think you misunderstanding the regulations, check out this topic:



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Hey Gerry -

Thank you for your reply!

I contacted (via e-mail) a lady at the NCHILB on the same day that I posted this message, and I have to say received a very prompt and thorough response, you are correct, I did not interpret the regulations correctly.

Basically.. this is how it works for someone who's completely new to the industry...

The first level 'Associate Inspector':
With the Associate application you would need a high school diploma or GED. You are tested on the Board's rules only. Then once you have passed the Associate Exam you will need to work under a licensed Home Inspector for One Year of supervision and complete 100 Home Inspections.

With the 'Home Inspector' application you will have to meet certain experience requirements. One either being a licensed Engineer, Architect, General Contractor, or have six years experience working under a licensed General Contractor. OR (and this is just my assumption) if you have obtained the 'Associate Inspector' license and completed 100+ inspections under supervision...

Anyhow.. that's what I've gathered... so it looks like the 'Associate Inspector' exam will be my first stop...



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I have just taken a class to prepare for the exam. The instructor actually had his Associate attend one session and answer some of our questions. He indicated that your biggest challenge, by far, will be finding someone to take you under their wing. It seems that there are a lot of "one man" operations and there is a huge reluctance to train potential competition.

Nevertheless, good luck in your endeavor.

Jerry Ramsey