HI price

my brother in law had a home inspection done the other day on a 1900+sq ft home 15 years old over $200000. He hired an inspector from the area he bought the home and I decided to drive the 60 miles and watch this inspector. I had thought he and his wife done a really good job. They were done in just under 2 hours then we talked for an hour after, it was a good experience for me since no inspector in my area will talk to me. They done the whole house inspection, Pest inspection, radon inspection, and air quality/mold inspection. I told my brother in law you must have paid 8$00 to $1000. I was wrong
200 house inspection
75 pest
125 radon
250 air quality/ mold
$650 total
What do you think of his pricing?
I was not wanting to go less than 300 myself but now I think I may be to high or could it be because he has to battle other inspectors?

Sounds within reason to me for air quality but I am palnning on going higher for basic inspection. I’m also in Canada so our pricing is a bit different.

I start at 250 for mold with the home insoection and I am 100 for the radon with the inspection also. However my base inspection is under over 200 but on a typical size of a 200000 sqft house here I would be 300-400.

Pricing in my area would have been if drive time was within 25 miles

$355 Inspection
$95 Pest
$140 Radon
$250 Air Quality / Mold

I have a radon tester in my area that charged me for a test at $240 for a 45 mile trip.
I cant get anyone to scope a lateral for less than $275

My prices for San Diego would have been:

BASIC - $499
PREMIUM - $999
TECH - 1,999

I don’t do the ancillary services.

My uncle paid $800 just for a home inspection. That’s the most I’ve ever heard of out here. Pricing can be all over the place. At the end of the day, will your pricing make you profitable and your business worthwhile? Your price shouldn’t be an arbitrary number based on what the other guy is doing. Who knows if they’re paying their taxes, in the hole with marketing and a whole ton of other parameters. Your price should be based on math, not what the next guy charges.


I started cheap and finally came up to where my Comp is… Get paid what you are worth, can’t stretch that enough.:stuck_out_tongue:

I like those answers get paid what you are worth and don’t compare yourself to the next guy, thanks for your thoughts

To be fair, though, we should let those so-called lowballers get paid for what they are worth, especially since we don’t know whether or not their prices are based on math and not what someone else thinks they should charge!

Many years ago there was a guy charging $79 for anything up to 3,000 SF (might have been 3,500 SF). He lives in a McMansion with his wife, a big-time attorney and partner with San Diego’s largest law firm. He doesn’t need to charge much for the privilege of getting out of the mansion to see how everyone else lives.

I would have been 640.00 for the same services.