High Rise condo - no electrical panel

Greetings all. I am a new inspector seeking the wisdom of the ages, or better yet, the vast experience and knowledge that I see every time I read the updates in this forum.

I am about to do an inspection of a 3rd floor high rise condo in a building built in 1913. It looks completely remodeled - a classic upscale loft. The client/buyer did a walk through and one of her concerns is that she was unable to find an electrical panel. Is this common? Might it be in a community electrical room? If there is no electrical panel, what is the best way to proceed with the electrical inspection? And neither seller’s or buyer’s agent knew how to answer where the electrical panel might be.

Thank you in advance for your kind advice and indulgence.

1: Request disclosure from the syndicate.

OCPD’s in breaker panels are required to be assessable to the occupant. Many times the panel is covered by pictures, mirrors or in closet/utility rooms.

As well, depending upon the type of condo building, does not preclude OCPD’s from being outside the habitable space. One inspection had the sub panel located in a utility closet owned by the vender next to the emergency exit door. The owner had a key.
Main disconnect are typically in the utility room on the meter box.

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If the condo has it’s own individual electric meter then it would need to have its own panel. It is possible that a building from 1913 might not have an individual panel for each unit but if the place was upgraded one can assume that it does have its own panel somewhere. Could be in utility room as Robert suggested.

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Thank you so much for responding. I will be looking everywhere I can. The walls are bare according to the RE photos.

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I appreciate the input. I’ll check to see if there are individual meters. This property likely has 33 units - 5 stories.

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Ask any of the participants, vender, vender agent or purchasing agent if you retained one, for full discloser from the syndicate as to the location of the breaker panel. The syndicate is the legal oversight body for the building. They will know. It’s their job to know.

I contacted the primary RE agent to the building. They came up on the building search. Getting push back from them. Have asked who the syndicate is and will eventually run it to ground.

Thank you Robert for your insight.

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Here in NM main disconnects and meters are occasionally located on the exterior.

In this area it is common to use the term association - either HOA or Condominium Association. Interesting to note the different term - Syndicate.

Here either a HOA manager, HOA board member, or building custodian would know the whereabouts of the meters, etc. They can be difficult to find sometimes.

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Home Owners Association - HOA.
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Its there…look behind pictures, doors, in closets, behind clothes etc.

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Syndicate, HOA - they all wear pinstripe suits and carry violin cases. :sunglasses:

Thank you everyone for your kind and generous help!