High rise Condo inspections

In all my training they never really discussed condos at all. So the question is what do I look for in high rise condos that may be different than regular homes?

I am thinking I just looking at the interior (electrical, plumbing, heating) plus windows, doors and porch. Is there anything else I should be doing?


You need to talk directly to the client and ask what exactly outside the condo are they responsible for in regards to maintenance. As for electrical the main panel is usually hidden outside or in a maitenance room inside the bldg. The panel in the unit is typically a sub panel.

Probably at the time of the inspection the Client won’t have a clue.

Here in California I don’t take on the HOA in any manner whatsoever, so when it comes to condos, I inspect only what’s inside. Everything outside is considered to be under the aegis of the HOA. If Client, Seller, or any of the two Realtors can prove otherwise via a copy of the HOA CC&Rs, I’ll inspect something outside of the condo, but in over 11,000 inspections in 11 years, that’s never happened, which makes my attorneys and insurance providers quite happy.

I usually ask for access to the roof(A/C), electrical room and garage before the inspection.