High voltage power lines

During an inspection today, I saw a romex conductor by this chain link fence, and when I brought my current tester up to it it signaled current at the concuctor. A closer look at the conductor revealed that it wasn’t connected to any electrical supply, but was connected to a ground rod by the fence. Just for fun, I turned off the main circuit breaker to the house, and brought up a second current tester. Not only were both conductors detecting current, but the chain link fence was setting off both of my testers as well. They were going off starting about 15 feet away from the fence. I didn;t have a voltage tester, and had already touched the fence and didn’t receive a shock. The only thing I can think of is the presence of static electricity coming from the high voltage power lines almost directly overhead. Any thoughts?

If you are talking about an inductive tester/ Tik Tracer/ Non-contact voltage tester, they measure EMF and do not measure current. They sense the presence of voltage rather than current. The more banged up they get, the more sensitive and unreliable they are. So don’t count on those things 100% of the time.

But, yes, they were probably picking up the electromagnetic waves from the transmission lines.


Would have been cool to at least try a multi meter on it.
Need to find a copy of that movie Neighbors now.Seems it is never on anymore.

Just be on the look-out for the dog.


Oh man thanks for bringing back memories of me working on a telephone pole at property line and dropping a tool over the fence with 2 pit bulls.
I climbed over to get the tool and they came racing at me.
I actually jumped head first over the chainlink and tore up my leg.

Trying to get free power off the EMF the chain link is catching.