An inspection I did earlier today (Nice Panel). I don’t get to see many of these around here much.:slight_smile:






Are those paper tags on the conductors?

No that is extra casing cut off the wire

So they must have had a feeder conductor as the casing is thicker than the breaker conductors.
Never seen that.
What is the breaker upper right side with a yellow outline?
Does look neat.I am guess 200 amps since I cant read the main.

Quite common here. Looks good.

that yellow outline around the breaker that is a lockout tab so if somone working on something on that circuit they can use the padlock to lock it out or some case lock it on so someone don’t turn off the critcal circuit like computer or burgular alarm.

it more common to see that in commercal location so that way it work two way one for safety reguation or used to lock on something that someone dont turn off actidentally.

Merci, Marc

Not as pretty as this one was just bragging on it yesterday. This was the neatest wire job I have ever observed bar none

Both very nice. Better than the bird nests we usually get to look at.


What is the breaker upper right side with a yellow outline?

Mark is correct. It acts as a lockout. I blew it up for you to see it a little better.


It’s just skins off the Romex. We do it as we wire up the house, then when we make up the panel its a cinch to fill out the directory accurately.

Thanks for the answers,
I have seen the lockouts before
The Romex is rare around here.
Nice idea.

Now I see why you haven’t seen this being in the Chicago area.