High Voltage Squirrel Fried?

This is not an inspection picture but curios to hear what our experts would make of this. It’s a high voltage feed to a Nieghbour. I was surprised to see this as I see squirrels run all over the lines without issue. I am reporting to FPL as perhaps there is an issue which caused this? Lines are all in good condition from what I can see.! image|375x500

I am reporting to FPL
Good luck!.. Just for us dumbasses …What would be your comments?
Detailed reply to them please…:star_struck:
I can imagine it now!

Is this Florida Power and Light?
Yes it is how can we help you?
I just see a flippin’ tree rat just get this crap busted on your power lines…
FPL: Is the critter related to you?..Nope…Is your power out… No it isn’t…
FPL: Would you like to make a formal request …For …? Nope I don’t have a problem with my service…
Then what the fu*k is your problem.
This is the one I like…Mind you I do like cats…
Poor pussy…:grin:

Ha ha not seen that one but the image is actually current and is on my neighbors lines. Has been hanging there all day.

He must be getting tired :wink:.

Is he still hangin’ around?

He sure is 3 days now must have been well fried. https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/internachi/original/3X/2/3/23c22263b06b952ebe64dfb57cb94b88966802b2.MOV

Probably decided to gnaw at the insulation. Looks like his days of raiding bird feeders are over.