Poor Thing.....

If only this critter had attended one of my Seminars…he just might be alive today…:wink:

Squirrel 1.jpg

He was well grounded and bonded to the ungrounded conductor.

You are one sick man, Paul :wink:

But, marketing must be found where it can be found. :wink:

I think its a great shot to use on the people who dont understand or argue when we call out the service lines as being too low.

They don’t feel a thing when they commit suicide…

“Click to Enlarge”

I’m not sure I’d believe it if I opened up a panel and didn’t find a frog or lizzard skeleton (or more recent) inside. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:shock: People Electrocuting The Animals :shock:

Love it one less tree rat.

Paul, I know we all try to save a buck by hiring cheap apprentices, but this time you have gone too far.

Cmon Paul admit it. The poor little squirrel was just crossing over your backyard while you were sunbathing. He committed suicide. :mrgreen:

lol…Not that A$$ shot again Stephen…man you are obsessed with my BUTT are you not…:wink:

That has to be a symptom of a damaged drop unless he was hit by lightning. The insulation should be sound on triplex.
We have squirrels running around all over the place here and the only time they get in trouble is when they get on a transformer hub.

Now this squirrel here had a bigger problem

lol…yeah YOUR picture is a more common problem for those critters. I believe in the image I posted there either must have been a wear spot or the critter actually chewed into the insulation.

Or then again…maybe it is simply doing PULL UPS…gotta stay FIT you know.

Pauls’ butt…or the squirrell ??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


lol…Funny Man…:wink: