Home Inspector Pro 3.6.3 for Android Released!

Just pushed to the App Store. iPhone/iPad version will follow in the next few days.

Added in HIP Mobile 3.6.3
*Ability to annotate photos directly on the Android device
*Added default annotation color option
*Ability to change rows per comment visible from 1-5
*Option to save after every item vs every section
*Button colors changed to improve readabillity
*Ability to change the default foreground text color for viewability
*Summary slideshow order now follows summary comments
*Added summary comments to the summary photo view
*Added navigation buttons to speed up… navigation
*Ability to add Misc photos on main sections screen
*New open inspection/upload dialog has cover photo and home info
*Improved photo quality
*Added ability to customize app background & row colors
*Much faster!
& more!

Awesome Work Dom!!!

Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

Nice improvements.

We have tons coming down the pipeline, stay tuned!!

Dom, used it today, I love the change to save after every item. I have messed up before and lost my notes from a whole section without saving.

Keep up the good work!


I am patiently waiting for the I-Pad version update I am needing to add my pic on site just purchased a new camera and the USB and SD card connection to the I-Pad I am ready to go

Are you able to save and pull files right off the SD card then onto your iPad ? What peripheral lets you do that ? No need for the cloud then ?

Yes Best Buy carries an adapter for both the SD card and the USB cord it allows dumping pics straight to the I-Pad but to my knowledge and the version of HIP I am using does not allow pic to be added to the report in the I-Pad. I understand its in the pipe line. I am a mechanic not a Techie person I struggle with this new technology :mrgreen:

Interesting…can you save TO the SD card also ?

Is this the device ?

I don’t know have not tried to but I doubt it would work, just guessing

Stupid…I hate the controlled iOS…and Android does the same thing. :frowning:

I was correct just plugged in the SD card to the I-Pad and did not see option under edit menu to do any external saving to another drive just can edit the pic and save it in the album. It would be nice if I could upload the completed report back to the SD card which would eliminate the cloud and put more money in my pocket rather than Dom’s:mrgreen:


You’ve been able to add pics via the iPad for a few years. If you need help just give my guys a call!

Yipper that is the device has two in a pack one for the SD card and one for the USB straight to the I-Pad cost me 29 bucks:mrgreen:

I would consider that a fact but the version of HIP that I am running on the I-Pad does not have the option of adding the pic from the I-Pad to HIP are you saying there is a newer HIP out there mine is 3.9 or something like that

Charley, there’s a camera button at the bottom of every section when you’re on the iPad. You can definitely take pics and add them!

As a side note, that $20 goes to Amazon, not us. We use their cloud service. Apple doesn’t allow direct data transfer which is why we have to use the cloud. We pay for servers on Amazon which convert the data between desktop to mobile and back.

The home button is awesome. Not sure if it has been there or I just started using it, but it’s nice!

It might be new in the public version. It’s been around for about 2 months but might have been just in the beta version that guys were testing out. Glad you like it :wink: