Hip or non-hip? Wind mitigation

2 questions - I’ve researched this quite a bit but am getting conflicting answers.
Any insight is greatly appreciated.

#1 - Utility room addition - not structurally connected to the main roof - does it count against the hip roof measurements?

#2 - The wall shown in the photos w/the chimney is connected directly to the roof (vaulted ceilings). Same with the other side of the house, but no chimney, see photos.

There is no attic behind these areas. Will either or both county against the hip roof measurements?

Those look like clipped gables so bye bye hip credit

I’m no expert but if the section of roof by the chimney represents greater than 10% of roof perimeter, I would not label as hip

I see this often also. I measure the “gable” slopes as non hip. The top flat section I measure as hip. If the “gable” slopes and other gable features like dormers equal less than 10% of the total roof perimeter they get the hip credit.