Is a Dutch hip, hip?

On the wind mitigation form would these classify as hip ? It seems like a dutch hip but without the gable. I had seen dutch hip before and I know in those cases the gable portion would count as “other” and would have to be taken into account when calculating the total non hip portions. But in this case since it doesn’t have a gable, would that whole wall count as other and would it have to be included in the calculation for non hip ? Or would it classify as hip ?

In the first photo I can’t even tell if that is a dutch hip or a drop gable. The second photo is definitely gable.

on second look that first picture is gable too

on third look that second picture looks like half gable half gambrel. Do you have some above roof photos of those sides?

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Unfortunately I don’t because the house on the second picture wasn’t a wind mitigation so I didn’t look too much into it, I just included it here because it was similar style to the one in question which is really the first picture. But looking at it from above those 2 sides look like the illustration I have attached. The roof over those sides looks hip there’s no gable. On that first house everything else is hip, that side is the only one throwing me off.

ok I thought the second picture was of the same house. so yes you still would have to count those two ends on each side of the hip feature in your non hip calculations which on this house looks like it would easily make it a hip. Especially if it was on one end of the house and we throw the second photo out.

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Oh ok I see now, wow thank you very much for the info Les, huge help.

you still need to do the calculations though

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Clipped gable.

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I am not in an area for wind mitigation just curious when calculating percentages do you measure the area below the hip as non hip?
Such as the diagram shown with the clipped gable.
Do you do the same process with a Dutch Gable and measure only the gable part as non hip?

Well in the example I posted I measured the two ends on the sides of the hip, and those I counted towards my non hip calculations. And like you said same thing is done on a Dutch gable where you measure the gable and that counts towards non hip features. Then at the end, the measurement of the non hip features must be less than 10% of the total perimeter in order to classify as hip.

yes thank you

Good to know.

Need some help on a wind mitigation from today. I’m doing the calculations but they are very close, so this will either make or break if it’s hip or not. How would I calculate that corner ? What part of that goes towards “other” non hip?
@labstein @mgoldenberg @ryoung7

On the sketch the corner in question is the right top. I’ve also included what it looks like from above.

Pretty much that whole corner, including the return leg on the patio roof.

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Thank you @ddagostino I needed clarification in regards to that return leg for the patio roof.

Here goes yet another wind mit question ! @labstein @ddagostino @mgoldenberg and anyone else than can help…
Would I count this structure even though it’s just decorative, against non hip ? And would I include the membrane roof covering as a secondary roof on the wind mitigation form ?

It is a hip with a portico.

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That is most definitely not a portico that he is asking about, maybe a widow’s walk.

The front entry is a portico.