Hip Rafters Spliced

These hip rafters were spliced with plywood with no support under the splice. House built in 2002. No sagging was visible in the rafters. Should I recommend a SE to further evaluate or would you consider this a big issue.
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I wouldn’t loose any sleep over the installation.

Sometimes, 20’ lumber is hard to come by. Especially a 2x8.

In order for failure of that splice to happen, the exterior walls would have to spread or the nails on the crippled common rafters would have to shear the nails all off.

Note it and forget it. :slight_smile:

I have to agree with Marcel on this. I have had to do it many times over the years. I would have used bolts instead but if no deflection was noted and it didn’t spread when you were on the roof then note it and move on.

I see no issues here, however, even if there were, recommending a structural engineer would be the wrong call.

Conventional framing with dimensional lumber does not require an engineer for repairs and/or modifications.


All three answers have Words of Wisdom from experience! Wish that more than a paltry few % of HI’s would be able to confidently make this call rather than calling for the BIG SE!!