hip roof. cut rafters. Is it a problem

I was in this attic under a hip roof yesterday. I don’t like what I see here. Wanted to post pictures and get your thoughts. thanks.

The house is 20 years old.
Roof pitch about 8-12 (around 35 degrees)

the structure in the attic was mostly trusses with some rafters added that were cut, and apparently not carrying any load (cut all the way thru and toe nailed to the trusses at the ends).

It looks like the rafters are there just to nail the sheathing down.

It’s fine. Those are there for roof decking nailers. Very common practice so the plywood does not have to turned vertical over the step-down hip trusses.

Thanks, Brad.

I don’t agree with that framing. Voids are created at the intersection and improperly supported members for plywood support.

The truncated girder truss is usually designed to drop 1&1/2" to allow for a 2"x4" sleeper to span the truncated trusses all the way up to the hip apex. This allows for proper and continuous support for the plywood sheathing.
Hope this link works.


It’s done both ways. I do have to admit that those trusses look like they were set up for sleepers but the framer elected to use upright fillers. All of the hipsets I have done were not designed to be used with 2x4 sleepers. The plywood would meet the top of the hip trusses. Most framers just turned the plywood decking vertically above the girder truss vs using fillers.

Yes, that looks much better to me. I can see the continuous support there in the link. My attic did not have that. I think they should have done better.