HIP Roof or none Hip Roof?

For me this is a Hip roof shape, what do you think?

Hip on 3 sides and a gable on the rear.

But this is for the Wind Mitigation inspection stand point of view, will it consider the entire perimeter as HIP roof?

Are you kidding. That gable at the rear of the house looks like it’s more than 10% of the roof perimeter. Am I wrong. If not, you have to mark B. on the form.


Just curious…what are you basing your decision on?

Wow…where are you doing these inspections?

Why it is that everyone of these inspector when there is a question in doubt from any other new inspector there is a sarcastic answers from everyone of you, it is a forum where we suppost to ask question and looking for advice from others inspector, people I know some of you have more experience than others but that does not mean you have the right to make fun of others new inspectors question, it’s only a simple question, everyone here should help each other not telling others who’s smarter or who has more experience, if some other inspector have question in doubt I will be more than happy to help out, I really don’t need these sarcastic answers, you all been sarcastic and unprofessional

Why the WOW…? can you answer that then? plus i asked the question first, don’t asked any other question before answering the first one.

No I’m not kidding it’s only a question, either answer it or not, but don’t give a sarcastic answer

Careful there…not everyone was sarcastic. You’re post was a little vague, so I answered your question without knowing it was for a wind mitigation inspection. At times you’ve got to learn to ignore the posters that obviously have no intention of helping you.

I know you were not the one being sarcastic, you gave me the answer, but I asked the second one for the mitigation, but the rest of these guys gave me these sarcastic answers

I think you should read the definition of a Hip roof on the 1802. Either you are joking, or have not read the definition. I hope you are not charging people real money to perform inspections.

Trick question, right?


No sarcasm from me. I really would like to know how you came to decide that it should be a Hip roof on the 1802 form. Based on the wording on the 1802, I don’t see how this could be anything other than a Non-hip.

I did not decide it is hip, I said I think it is hip, why did i asked this question because i want know if it hip or not, but none in this forum gave me an exact answer for it, every was saying is either a WOW… and ask me a question, I don’t want question from other I only answer, Capice…


Relax, Chiun. As it relates to the 1802 form, it’s a Non-hip. Would you like to know why?


 Your question has already been answered, so calm down (We are all one big family). Here are some links that may help, for your situation. 




Your right. You came here asking a question and I gave you crap about it. Sorry.

Since I’m not in FL, I looked up form 1802. It’s definitely “B” Non-Hip.