wind mitigation roof shape question

I am new to the forum and would like some guidence on a peticular roof shape. I have done wind mits since the MSFH days but have not run into this shape before. it resembles a hip but is modified. what would you call it? IMG_0293.JPG
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Bob kovach

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I will just say it for them :slight_smile:

They all want more pictures.

Marshall says non-hip.

It looks from this single picture alone that there may be a flat area over the garage. If that’s the case, that entire length of the upper front side as well as the surrounding garage would be non-hip and count against it in the calculations. My opinion without seeing the rest of the house it seems it would be “Other”.


From just the one photo, it is hard to tell. It looks like the other side of the garage would be a hip as well. I see no gables or flat. Seems to be hip to me. If there are no gables to measure and no flat areas, how can it not be hip.

From just the one picture, it looks like 100% hip.

HIP. The pic shown indicates a 1.5 story house with a low hip at the garage and first floor and a hip at the second floor. The high-hat screen roof area in the rear of the pic might have to be considered if it is part of the roof structure.

A picture from the top of the roof would help.
It looks like, from the right side edge, that there is a flat roof there as I don’t think there would be enough room to extend the roof up any higher.
I would also like to see the back of the house.

Sorry buddy, not enough information. Without additional pic, it would be speculation. The whole point of the process is to take the guessing and speculation out and replace it with clear definable peramiters.

I hope you took more pictures.