Hip roof percentage

For a FL wind mitigation report, the roof geometry needs to be listed. If most of the roof is hip but has more than 10% some other geometry, it does not qualify as hip. My question is, when determining the roof percent that is not hip, is it calculated by the perimeter of the roof including the flat roof of the screen porch that is attached? I it seems a shame that some has a completely hip roof and because they add a screen porch off the back that is flat and length is more than 10% of the perimeter of the roof that they don’t get the hip roof credit. See photo attached of the porch attached to house with tile hip roof. Thank you for confirmation if I am doing this correctly, as the last wind mitigation that was completed indicated it is a hip roof.

Correction, not screened porch but covered patio.

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IMO, it would make sense to measure all of it then the flat area separate to determine the percentage. I would think living space is what counts. Doesn’t really answer your question, tho.

Thanks Jeff. I will repost to FL.

Thanks for the reply.

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I would not consider the rear porch metal roof.