Roof Type?

I’ve been asked to do a wind mit for a condo. Two sides are attached two to three units deep. The front and rear (as weel as the end units) roof are hip. Should I call it a hip roof?

Post a picture. I see on your site you have 100 day inspection coverage. What is that? I thought it was not availble in fl?

Don’t have a pic yet but you can picture it this way. A long retangle with a hip roof but the condo I’ll be inspecting is only 1/6 of the total and located almost mid point.
The 100 day coverage is through Ben’s group Mountain. It doesen’t cover the home owner it covers me if the home owner comes back on me because something fails in the first 100 days after the inspection. Check it out see what you think -

id say hip

I will check it out. I would have to see the picture i do not want to guess and steer you in the wrong way. Good Luck.

Thanks, I’ll post a pic as soon as I get one.

My understanding of roof shapes for condos and townhomes is that the entire strucure is considered when making your determination - not just the unit that you are inspecting.

So is that just for the shape or for the straps etc.

Post a picture but I would say Hip…

I don’t think that you can use the 1802 for a condo.

I have had a ton of agents send the client 1802 for condos and have not yet had a problem.

Roof shape is determined by the whole building, unless the wall extends above the roof line. Truss to wall attachment is done only in that unit.

I do them for condos and town homes all the time. I have even done whole complexes. The 1802 for is good for single units and the MIT forms are used for the commercial/HOA complex insurance. The MIT form will work also for the single unit but does not give any shutter verification. They can then use the shutter verification form or the 1802 for the shutters.

Hope that helps

It would be considered a hip. we do a ton of condos all along the coast in palm beach and broward and as long as they are 3 stories and under, the 1802 is just fine. Anything taller needs the Commercial form.

Thanks guys, I knew this was the place to come for anwsers.
So next question:
The roof is hip for the whole one story building but it has some gable dormers.
Am I right in assuming that I need to see if the total of ALL the dormer’s bottom cords added is less than 10% of the total building perimeter?
And does any one have an HIP template for doing wind mits?