HIPRO vs HomeGuage opinion

I am newly licensed and trying to decide on the best software for my business. I have done mock inspections with both HIPRO and HomeGuage, and have found HIPRO a little easier to work through. I want to give my customers a good, easy to follow report, and think both would do that if I picked the correct format. Leaning toward HIPRO, only because of follow the bouncing ball format, but concerned about their support, or lack thereof. Any input appreciated.

I’ve used then both and I like HIP the best.
Both are good, but I think HIP is easier .

They’re both good, with excellent support. It’s just a matter of which is most intuitive for you. For me Homegauge was a better fit.

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Thanks for your replies (Merry Christmas??). I like HomeGauge support and tutorials (YouTube), but I did my mock surveys for certification with HIPro and liked the fact that the sections made sure you covered all components of an inspection. Being new, I need that “follow the bouncing ball” format for now. BUT, HomeGauge support and graphics seem hard to pass up.

Home gauge lacks integration or the willingness to integrate with other platfoms

No ISN, has HG conquered the apple barrier yet? Or home energy scores?

Home Inspector Pro has amazing support.

The owner himself posts on these msg boards regularly. He’s even gotten back to me on a Sunday.

I have used both and love both and really like the added features and this is always what I like to see. First time is the charm.

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Hi all,

I am a new inspector. I was checking out an inspector’s website, and I clicked on ‘view sample report’. I got a box that told me to enable flash player. Does anybody know if HIP, or any other reporting software, uses flash player to view documents or videos?

It is well known that flash player is a significant security risk to any computer that runs it. For example, most up to date browsers disable it by default.

You can google “flash player security risk” or look at this…Adobe Flash Player users urged to disable software after it lets criminals infect computers | The Independent.

I bet someone has something to say about this…

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No you can view HTML version or PDF version report right on your phone . HIP is the only one that even allows you to embed video into a PDF. With others you are forced to view on line .