Best reporting software???

It’s time to upgrade.
Which is the best (quickest) software to use?
What does NACHI recommend?
Rick Petro
Georgia Home Inspection Services

C’mon Richard. Make an effort. It’s been discussed many times before. Seems it usually turns into a tossup between HomeGauge and Home Inspector Pro.

Get trail copies of all of them. Try them out.

Choose what works best for you!

Home Inspector Pro is by far more popular.
In my opinion 90% use it :slight_smile:

Im a HIP junkie…

3D and a PDA. The only way to go!

What Erby said. It’s a 2-way race at this point.

Hey Rick,

Let me know if you have any questions about Home Inspector Pro (HIP) or if you’d like a temp license with your info. As the guys have said there are other good programs out there. You have to give them a try and see what you like the best.

See what you started, Richard! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Ah Robert, there you go again!

Survey says …NO!

What you don’t understand Richard, is that you are by far not the first to ask this question, and there are many threads debating the high points of each software. Truth is, we inspectors are opinionated and preferential.
I suggest trying out both and deciding for yourself. Being a HIP addict myself, If you want to email me about it you may do that. I hope you make the best choice for your company.

I’ve heard good things about HIP and 3D but have not downloaded the trials to have a go at them myself. I use HomeGauge and it does a decent job.

Here’s a hint… look at the time in which Dominic posted. I even received an e-mail from him 1/2 hour after that.


I’ve been using HomeGauge since 2005. Never an issue, no problems, always there to answer a question on a phone, or have called me back, have updated the software several times during that time, Clients love it, easy to use, easy to customize.

You won’t go wrong with either HIP or HomeGauge. Try them both.

It seems that this questions is asked the most on this board, along with bonding.

I have used a few report systems and sampled a few more.

I am currently using HIP.

There are a lot of positives with the system. The owner, creator, Dominic provides an above average service at a fair price. Great Value!! Support is above and beyond and Dominic cares about each and every cleint. He has helped me beyond what I could type here.

In regards to speed. It is up to you with your style.The HIP template can be designed anyway you would like. If you have an idea Dom and all the Hippies will make it happen in a future update.

I am always tweaking my template and corresponding with the Hippies to improve my report.

I have never used Home Gauge but as others have stated it is a quality product as well. You can go over to the Home Inspector Pro site and look at various samples and templates. A gentleman named Serge has created the best report I have seen to date. Now Serge adds a lot of extras and spend time to provide this type of report. It is up to you but with HIP there is no limit to the possibilities of what you can create.

(Hip) best hands down!!!

As has been stated above and will be stated elsewhere over and over again. Test out both HomeGauge and HIP and see what you feel comfortable with. I personally use HIP. I enjoy it’s simplicity and adaptibility. And Dominic is the bonus, he seem’s to be online 24/7.

Homegauge all the way.
Thanks to Nick!
I received a free copy.
Stopped using 3D, never looked back.:stuck_out_tongue:

Same here! Nachi rocks!

HIP, HIP hurrah, only way to go when Dominic is in the background to help 24/7. :mrgreen:

Dom “president of HIP” sleeps 35 mins a day. I usually can find him online at 2 in the morning and he has the ability to break into your computer take over your mouse and help you hands on. He doesn’t complain. He simply fixes your problem educates you if needed and says call me if you need me and walla my heart attack goes away because now I know my report will get to my client on time. If you can’t find service from others like this then your WASTING YOUR MONEY. See my sample report at…

Nothing fancy. It’s a simple virtually clean report aimed at showing others what HIP can look like once one takes time to customize to their liking. Any questions just ask me I can honestly say I have mastered the program and if I can anyone can.

The fact that they don’t have to give away the 3D programme should tell you something . . . . . . .:shock: