I am a new member trying to become certified. My question, Is there a recommended format for report writing or a report writing software that Internachi approves of recommends?

I highly suggest you check the other threads / sections of the message board. There are dozen, nah, hundreds of posts regarding software. The two most popular are Home Inspector Pro and Home Gauge. Download free trials from just about any software and work with it.

Most inspectors recommend Homegauge.

I was pretty sure most inspectors recommend HIP :cool:

thank you

Frank are you using mobile?
I’m guessing HG looses alot of potential customers for not being compatible with apple products.

Past poll shows 99% prefer HIP.
You can use HIP to generate income with a Leeds certified report that anyone can provide and HG is simply not capable at that as with most other basic HIP functions.

I am happy with report host. It is a pay as you go kind of deal.

In Phoenix to my competition I would recommend HIP:o

I recommend HIP to everyone in San Diego.

Kind of surprised there isn’t one standardized and recommend software or one included free with membership fees, would be a great selling point for new members to get started and even for training.

Many states have laws governing Home Inspections and what must be inspected, reported, etc. Don’t know of any that require specific reporting software but some do require specific report structure. My state recently adopted their own version of NPMA33 (pest reporting). and you have to use the state form. Best to know what you want the report to look like and include and decide based on that (view others sample reports).