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Has anyone had the need to hire an independant contractor to help out with the inspections that you could not cover?

I have such a need and was wondering what is a fair price to pay someone to do an inpection for me? I have some ideas but is there an industy standard or general rule of thumb?

I need a few ideas so that I can come up with a fair proposal.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can share some thoughts on this.


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I have had Realtors call to Inspect the heating and air-conditioning systems but never an Inspector. I would charge our normal service rate and fill out a dispatch ticket with my findings. I was not filling out a Inspection Report and not putting any kind of guaranty on any thing. I would list voltages, amps, temps and the overall condition of the appliance. I think you should let the contractor know that it is a pre-purchase inspection and not a sales call, heck its hard to get a service call that doesn’t turn into a sales call. icon_exclaim.gif

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This is very common in commercial applications. The price really isn’t as big an issue as is your insurance coverage. Be sure and consult with your carrier before hiring any “sub-contractor.” You may need an umbrella policy to protect yourself even if the person or company you hire has their own coverage.

Do a bit of research. Depending on the particular trades person you will need, the price may vary quite substantially. Add a percentage onto their fee and go from there.

If this is for a home inspection or part of, have the client hire their OWN specialist. If you have a few names, you can give them some references.

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