Hiring contractor for personal home upgrades

Just venting…My wife hired a company to put a new roof, fascia, soffits, gutters/downspouts, siding… basically redoing the whole exterior of our 100 year old house. $40 grand worth.
I have no inspections lined up due to what’s going on. So I have time to watch.

I’ve already got into arguments with the roofing subcontractor over how I want it done and should be done and hasn’t done what I wanted. By the way this is day one on the month long project. I’m furious :rage:. And I can’t get a hold of anyone at the company my wife hired. Irritated. Am I being the a$$hole?

No,I don’t think so, Ike.

Just search Google and find a picture of how you want it done and have him sign it. Or, better, get the manufacturer’s installation instructions and have him sign those!

That is, typically, done before the contract is signed but you’re the customer…Fire 'em if they don’t do it how you want.

Edit: Bert’s right, in below post and, sadly, Simon, too. No $ until materials onsite and partially installed was how I worked subs.

Oh, and welcome back our forum…where they’re no stupid questions…Enjoy! :smile:

In my opinion (based on years of listening to and reading Dave Ramsey’s teachings) this is not a technical issue or even a money issue. It is a relationship issue.
She should not have hired out a project of this scope without discussing it with you. $40K is a lot of money, no matter how much you guys make. It should have been discussed. I’m sorry you are in this situation. I recommend that you guys talk about how this decision makes you feel and make a plan going forward about how you budget together.

It may be tricky to get that message across without getting emotional. Good Luck, Ike. I think you are right in this situation.

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If it’s not on paper and you gave a deposit, or worse, all of the payment, good luck! Hiring a GC should involve better vetting than hiring a brain surgeon, unfortunately.

We both vetted the company. They have been in our town for a very long time…but I guess we didn’t realize they hire out subcontractors for roofing…The reason why she ultimately hired is due to other circumstances l won’t share…it wasn’t my wife’s fault. I should have stayed that in the first post.

It’s just irritating when the roofers don’t listen. They just left for the day so I went and inspected what they did do, and it doesn’t even meet manufacturer guidelines. So tomorrow is going to be fun!

Specifications. You provide them ahead of the project and they bid based upon them. Unless that step is completed it is their bid vs your expectations and I guarantee that 100% of the time those are two very different things

Oh, good news. I’m glad I misunderstood.
I have no problem telling roofers that they are wrong. Because I use the building codes and manufacturer instructions to show them how it is done. They have no valid argument after that.

If you have the knowledge and the instructions to back you up, you have a good chance of getting them to do it right, as long as they didn’t get all the money up front.

I they are a sub, go through the GC. They hold the purse strings I’d imagine

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Sounds like you need a buddy to come running down the street yelling “Immigration” “Immigration” “Immigration”!!!


Curious… who pulled the Permits, and did they??

The GC was supposed too…in my town of Fargo ND, city doesn’t require a permit for re-roofing, but as soon as you start replacing parts or all of the roof deck then a permit is required. I have to double check to make sure.

Call the building department. Many are closed down due to the COVID issue, so could be the contractor is using undocumented workers taking advantage of the situation. Until you get in touch with the contractor or building department, I would meet the crew in the AM and tell them there is a STOP WORK ORDER until further notice!!

They don’t get paid until the job is done…too many crooks up in Fargo. I’m going straight to the company that is the GC in the am and settling this crap. I have all my ducks in a row to settle this. I see this type of lousy workmanship all the time in my area. Last week I inspected a house that had a 2 yr old roof that was leaking. I told my wife I will do what I have to do in order to protect you and your Investment…so if I force this sub contractor or GC out so be it.


What is it that they are doing wrong?


Do you use subs ( for specific project you’re having done) is always an important question imo. I think it gives you the opportunity to vette them as well

Take pictures, collate correct installation diagrams/instructions, write up report. Typically manufacturer warranties are void if incorrectly installed.

There should not be an argument, it is your way or the highway.

It is an opportunity for them to be further educated in their profession.

It is very important to take pictures of things that will be covered up, especially. :smile:

Have everyone, thanks for all the replies…An update, I just fired the roofers this afternoon, they couldn’t follow directions from CertainTeed, so we all know what that means. No warranty. But I have ruffled the company that hired them and their finding someone new and redoing what was already done…not much but the way. Just for grins, here’s a pic. Guaranteed everyone here would not put up with it either.


Thanks for the update, Ike. I hope the rest of your project goes more smoothly! :smile: