Expert shingle installation

The Sellers stated that the roof is newer. I asked her “who installed it” and they showed me the bill from the roofers. I will not slam this company on-line, but I will show you their work.

How the hell do roofers get away with this? They had to be on drugs…

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I’d have to disagreee, it appears their supplier left town and they were skitzing pretty good this day.

He come on …why so picky…it was windy and cold up there …and beside i had a bad headache from the night before…I did the best i could …go pick on the electrician…

WOW what were they thinking?
I think its safe to say we could all do better. Did the owner request they come back and redo it?
I hate to say but it looks like they were a little high or in a drunken stupor:shock:

Nice, Barry.

They do sell chalk lines…


You shouldn’t make fun of the blind. :frowning:


Sorry…it won’t happen again.

They’d have to know what a chalk line was in order to think about purchasing one…then figure out how to use it…that would require spending some of the dope money and intelligent thought processes…bad idea :twisted:

The bigger question would be what kind of dope was the homeowner on paying anyone for this work?

Ya know what…I never mentioned the shoddy install to the Sellers.

But… you bet your a$s the Buyers know what’s going on with this drug addict shingle install. I just couldn’t stop laughing on this inspection.

Maybe it was the seller on drugs that did the install!! Hard to see **any **contractor doing that bad work. In 35+ years around the trades, have never seen anything that bad!!

Neith have I Brian. Unreal.
I have seen DIY do a better job around here.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I agree, I doubt that job was done by any roofer.

Roofer or not they didn’t even need a chalk line. All the tarpaper I’ve used already have lines on it. You would have to be blind. :shock:

Tarpaper? What tarpaper?

hey at least the top 2 and bottom row are in decent looking condition…LOL

Then the Seller must be falsifying the receipt. When I looked at the receipt, it looked original to me. And the local contractor in still in business.

At this point it doesn’t matter who did it. It’s complete and needs to be re-roofed. And that’s exactly what my client is negotiating. I told her that if they (the roofers) have problems with my evaluation, to give me a call.

No call yet.

Ya, that’s what they installed before they broke out the nip bottles.

You know…that stuff under the shingles…that’s all bunched up and wrinkled :shock:

Oh! That tarpaper.

I wonder who they hired for other repair jobs around the house? :shock: