Hiring in Richmond, VA

We’re hiring licensed inspectors. If you can’t get your business off the ground, or you’re sick of running a business, this is a great opportunity.

Benefits include

-Competitive Pay
-Health Insurance
-Retirement plan with employer matching contributions
-Life Insurance
-Short term disability
-Maternity Leave
-All major holidays off
-Paid time off

We provide everything you need including the tools, the truck, the insurance, and of course the inspections. You don’t have to worry about marketing, scheduling inspections, or taking calls from Realtors or clients.

NEVER TAKE WORK HOME WITH YOU. We will train you to complete your reports in 20 minutes or less.

Must be licensed
Must be drug free
Must pass a background check
Must pass a basic English and Math test
Must of a drivers license and good driving record

Contact me at Juan@ahouseonarock for more info.

You can’t afford me brother…lolololol

You’re probably right.

So what’s minimum wage in VA these days? :roll:

I don’t know. I have never been paid minimum wage, nor I have I ever paid anyone minimum wage.

And you are an employer in your state?
RED flag number one!!!

I was going to repost the thread, but I appreciate you keeping it fresh.

I’m extremely proud of our small group. Come join this awesome team.

Congrats on your growth…