Where to Find a Home Inspector to Join My Team


Currently a single-inspector operation and we’re trying to grow. Looking to hire another inspector to expand our team, but not having too much success finding someone who has at least one year of training. My assistant and I have posted ads on Craigslist and Indeed.com, but we aren’t having much luck. Anyone have any tips on where else we should be looking for an inspector w/ at the very least minimal training and/or certification?


I’m not sure where you are going to find someone with one year of training, given there are no one year training programs out there.

ASHI School is 2 weeks.
CRIEA training is 2 ride alongs
NACHI is all online with no real strict time line.

Anyone who has survived a year in a business on there own isn’t necessarily looking to be an employee. Which means you’re left with someone who’s worked under someone else for a year but wants to work for a different someone, which only brings up why do they want to make a switch?

Also, you looking to W2 someone, or 1099? That makes a difference.

I am on the other side of the valley from you, if you’re really desperate, maybe we could work something out.

Get a Non-Compete Contract is all I got to say :slight_smile: Oh and good luck.

Non competes are unenforceable in California. you can still use it as a scare tactic.

I have an interesting place to find employees. Pm me if you want. I’m sure if I answered here manny would be all over it.

There are exceptions to the rule in California, but for the purposes of a home inspector employee, yeah, they would be unenforceable.

So have them sign a training contract WITH significant fees due if the bail early.

How about a trial period like 1 year and if everyone is happy give him a piece of the pie. That way, when you ready to retire, you will have someone to buy you out.

Preston Sandlin has said on his podcast that he’ll go to the 10th+ page of Google results for your area and you can find someone with good skills but terrible marketing that might not be working enough. Worth a try.

I’m sure most of us here are fairly certain where you get your new recruits from. The proof is in your own words above. :shock:

Probably from Day Labor organizations? :shock:

We hire assistants, people with the proper attitude and customer service skills. We teach them the inspections skills. When they are ready they get to go out on their own.

Do you pick yours up at Day Labor centers?

You could learn something from them.

Retired contractors (other than roofers) is a gold mine for assistant inspectors.

So do the day laborers you hire to perform your home inspections for paying clients teach you a lot about home inspections?

No, but if I hired day labors, I would learn something from them. Even if it was what not to do. I might even learn who pissed in your Wheaties.

That’s interesting to know! I never knew that :shock:

Wow it sounds as if you are calling people ignorant and/or stupid who find work via day labor centers?

You can always use…