Hiring with a Real Estate License

Hi! I’m looking to hire and interviewed someone who has a real estate license but only has it to flip homes. He does only 1-2 a year.

Would you consider that a conflict of interest? Have him pick one or the other?

Hire to do what?


Hire an inspector

You will need to be more specific… You are looking to hire a realtor, but then you say you want to hire an inspector?

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If he only is a realtor for his personal transactions it shouldn’t matter to anyone, however if he does any more real estate transactions than that, the other realtors will not want their clients exposed to him, which might hurt your business

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I don’t see a conflict of interest if he only holds a RE license for his flips. However, there would be one if you or him inspect a home that he has had a prior or current financial interest in. Not to say he couldn’t inspect a home that he’s looking at for a flip, but only on a personal level for findings and nothing that would run through you or your company. In others words, his own look see and no reports related to you or your business.

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I don’t see a problem with it as long as he doesn’t try to wear both hats at the same time, keep his real estate business seperate from your home inspection business and there’s no conflict.

Another thing to consider is if he works for a broker or RE agency, you may not want him inspecting homes for his freinds back at the office as that would create a conflict IMO.


Excellent point Kevin. :+1:

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why would you need a RE license to flip homes? makes no sense. I think if I was flipping homes I would want a GC license over a RE license. As I could pull permits on a GC license. and I could easily sell a house without a RE license.

My problem with hiring a licensed RE agent for anything is “will they go the extra mile for my business” if/when they have an opportunity to sell a house that can net them a big chunk of money.