Hmm...this ok?

Haven’t seen this before. Goes to a 60 Amp. breaker servicing a garage subpanel. Is this ok? What is this toggleless “breaker” called?

DSCF1810 (Small).JPG

I believe that it’s really just a lug kit to attach conductors to the bus without any overcurrent protection. It’s likely designed to back feed the bus since it has a retention clip not visible in the photo. Since it’s feeding a 60 amp panel and does not contain OCP then the tap rules may apply. Here are a few pics:

Thanks to Al.D. Bolt and Robert .This is a first for me … Roy

I guess this is the reason why ( Shipping: May not ship to Canada - )

That’s how I usually see them - load side of an OCPD, back-feeding a sub panel.

If this is located within the service equipment, I would think it’s in the wrong location, although Robert may be correct regarding tap rules.

What tap rules for this device (what is the term for this device?)? It is located in a service panel. What is the purpose for using this device? It can’t be cost savings as it is going to a 60 amp breaker in a subpanel.
Thanks again.

Perhaps you should recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrician, and move on.

Since there is no OCPD in that device the conductors between it and the subpanel are protected only by the OCPD ahead of that panel (could be the main). More details are needed to properly answer the tap question.

I see this setup quite often in condo units, where the shut-offs for each unit are outside by the electric meters.

This device is located at the bottom of the service panel which has a 200 amp. main breaker. Wires feed the 60 amp. breaker at the top of the subpanel.
See photos. DSCF1804 (Small).JPG

DSCF1904 (Small).JPG

DSCF1804 (Small).JPG

It think they got it backwards.

That device should be at the sub panel. The 60 amp breaker should be in the service panel. Also at the sub panel, the bonding jumper needs to be removed from the neutral terminals, the equipment grounds need to be bonded to the enclosure, and the double-tap needs to be corrected.

Exactly the feeder wires do not have proper protection .

Thanks for the input. I’ve already noted ground & neutral wires connected on same bus bar in a subpanel, double tap & wire protection at the knock-out. Any idea what to call this devise?

I believe they are referred to as main lug kits.

How far is the subpanel from the service and is it located with in the same building? Also the two single pole CB’s (lower left) in the sub need a handle tie.