I wish I took a photo of what this was supporting but I didn’t. It is supporting a second floor sunroom. It was old and did not appear to be moving. What, if anything, should be said about this?


What can you tell us about it??? :twisted:

Well it’s a 6x6 supporting a girder that supports the floor joists of the sunroom above. Its just sitting on that rock. Its not in the ground. It does not appear to be moving but I don’t like it. I just don’t know what to say about it.

If a home inspector is speechless, he needs to find another line of work.

If that were true these boards would not exist

I could just say its not supported properly and needs to be further evaluated. I would like more input from a home inspector who does not know everything, has not seen every issue and remembers what it’s like to be a new inspector.

Touchy, aren’t we? :roll:

No just looking for some feedback from someone helpful

No need for further evaluation. The support post does not include an appropriate footing - simple as that. Recommend correction, not evaluation.

I would also suggest verification of building permits for whatever that post may be supporting…

That sounds much better. Thank you Jeffrey.

Sorry I just saw this and do know what it is like to be given a hard time when simply asking for help.

The rock is not making full contact with the post which in the picture looks 4x4 to me and as Jeff mentioned most likely has no footer.
I would consider as unstable as retaining walls seem to be the only thing keeping it in place.

Hmmm I see why Jeff is faster with reports. Bet he types faster also.(never got past 6 fingers here…lol

By the way it is a not needed photo as photos are not needed in reports(just kidding)