The stove works. It just needs to be plugged in.

That may be. But where do you plug it in? :mrgreen:

What did you see behind the stove?

Kenneth I think you mean what did you not see behind the stove that led him to open the pots and pans bin. LOL

There was a junction box hanging right above the stove where this 220 V receptacle used to be. They didn’t want me to see it hanging there so they disconnected it before I got there. It was VERY close to where a boiling pot of noodles could be. There was no other electrical wires nearby. Another way to try to hide a major defect.

BTW, opening the stove drawer is a GREAT way to see the wall behind the stove. I’ve found a number of defects in houses this way - from puddles under the stove to missing baseboards or damaged walls. Highly recommended.

Yes as some of the new ones need to be anchored to the floor or wall.

Kevin, Anti-tip devices became a UL requirement June 3, 1991.
So it is not just the new ones. And they are not anchored to the floor, the bracket is. :slight_smile:

Not here Marcel! Yes the bracket holds the stove foot adjuster to the floor.
There are 4 holes 2 for the wall and 2 for the floor.
Sometimes they are installed wrong also so you can’t pull out the stove.
We should put this requirement in but it is not done all the time.

Sears got nailed hard for this though!

So you are saying it is not required in Canada, in response to my 1991. ?

It is if the stove came with one! Should you recommend one YES.

I’ll let Canadian Inspectors take over this one. :slight_smile: