Holes in stucco/EIFS

Has anyone seen the critter that seems to love to make holes in EIFS and pick at the insulation board. Woodpecker was a thought, but 1. it’s not wood and 2. there’s no bugs in there for them to feast on. Carpenter bee’s was another thought, but their holes are almost always perfect and about 1/2" in diameter. Squirrel?? What else? This is in Atlanta…

I have yet to catch the “thing” that’s causing the problem. The house across the street has the same EIFS trim, but they don’t have any troubles. The holes in the picture have been repaired(2 months ago), and just on Friday another new hole has appeared. :twisted:

Close-up of new hole.


Woodpeckers be my guess…

  1. Woodpeckers don’t care if it’s wood, only if they can peck at it.
  2. Woodpeckers peck holes *looking *for bugs, doesn’t mean there are any there.

Woodpeckers will also peck for the sound it lets others know its their area. If they find a spot they like the will return even it there are not bugs.

They are a protected species and you need a permit to kill one. Try and hang some clear fishing line down along the columns it may annoy them enough to make them leave. Or get a big rat trap screw it to the wall and put some bait in it and wait…


Thanks Marcel…good article!

Found this - http://www.totalwall.com/PDF/TechNotes/EIFS_Stucco_Issue1018.pdf

Woodpeckers do it in South Florida. They will even peck the grey buckets on electrical poles.

Just curious…I don’t see any mesh beneath the final coat. particularly on a corner (areas susceptible to damage).

Doug, you weren’t suppose to divulge that, now you got the contractor in trouble. :wink:
I noticed that too and didn’t mention it. You know, builders stick together. :mrgreen: (Sometimes)

Can’t tell from just a photo but it sure looks a couple steps (and materials) were skipped…would not be the first, second, third…etc. time I have seen this. We did a house last year…beautiful house in a gated, golf course community. Stunning design. The entire EIFS system had to be torn off and redone…done wrong, omitted steps (completely voids any warranties, plus was already failing). One of the areas where I found the problem was the corners of numerous columns where the insulation was missing chunks just like this…not the first piece of mesh. That was only the tip of the iceberg; no kick out flashing, window corners cracking, on and on…contractor was P.O.ed at me first, then when he found out it was his “stucco” man who dropped the ball he changed his attitude…turned out to be a pretty nice guy who was stretched to the end of his rope and needed this sale…you can NOT cut any corners with EIFS. Many contractors here do not bother the time and expense to get their workers trained and certified in how to install EIFS…and it always ends up biting them in the bo-hiney.

not saying the install is correct
woodpeckers are voracious and very neat critters when it comes to nesting and searching for food
it appears they removed the fg mesh down to a nub as is often seen with this type damage

This is an 8 year old house. So there’s no getting anyone in trouble. Been foreclosed on twice in those 8 years. Sat empty for almost the last 2 years.

I hate EIFS, I see it and cringe. There is mesh, but it bothers me how thin the base coat and finish coat are.

wish you lived closer i’d take every one off your hands $$$$
PB EIFS typical base coat 1/16 inch with finish coat applied to a minimum of aggregate thickness
i’ve cracked or even broken through many demonstrating dry rot structural void to home owner, purchaser and realtor…i’m off a number of xmas lists when it happens

Some foam is hard coated at the factory and does not have or require mesh.

They only foam I have seen with the EIFS system is the bead foam that can be shaven.
Do you have any backup of what you are talking about. Never heard of it up here. :slight_smile:

please! furnish a link or some product information
alleged product is, would be new to me or i haven’t seen in this market yet

I am currently not at the office. Do a search for the foam factory in south florida. I imagine it is on their site if they have one. It has been around here for over Ten years. If anyone really needs the info email me and I will provide you with their contact info.

I have seen hardcoat, hybrid EiFs before but it was over a hard backer material, never foam. I have seen this ****ty yellow foam too but always had mesh and especially corner mesh to reinforce the areas susceptable to mechanical damage. I am not saying it does not exists but I find contractors doing all kinds of crazy crap. You should have the seen the cluster I inspected yesterday.

I could be mistaken but they use to call the yellow foam sprint board around here anyway. And they claimed you just needed to spot the screw caps and tape the joints, no field mesh required.

as for the pre coated trim pieces they do/did have mesh on them and needed the joints meshed and screw holes filled also.