Pics are of badly repaired woodpecker damage. The bird in question made an appearance during the inspection.

Looking for food (WDI)?
Making a nesting hole?
Just making noise?

What do you think?

Here’s a couple Woodpecker links…




Looks bad.
I would call for Pest control professional and note damage.

That bird seed insulation should be removed:)

Woodpeckers like to peck on wood. House is wood. The only solution is not to buy a wood house.

As a quizicall sort, I wonder why they don’t peck on all wood houses or why only a section of a particular house. :-k

I posted the links to those that inspect wood houses to pass along, if they desire. :mrgreen:

I think they do, sooner or later, if the house is in a rural or heavily wooded area.

My first house was vinyl with metal eaves. A woodpecker used to drive me insane pecking on the metal eave. I’d run outside with every intention of killing the thing, but he’d be gone. As I remember, he did that for months and months. Finally gave up. They are very wary. Difficult to get close to them.

Here Joe, the Woodpeckers make holes in the Stucco. And I belive they are protected…

It was explained to me by the California Redwood Association years ago that woodpeckers peck at houses during seasons where their natural food supply is scarce. I had a clent with an all-redwood house who had a wodpecker attack. The association suggested buying a carved wood owlm and hanging it where the little bird pecked. My client did that, and it was goodbye woodpecker forever.

Woodpeckers “peck” on wood to get at insects. Unless you have a blind woodpecker, there may be bugs in the house. (assuming of course it was a woodpecker)

I think the moral of this thread must be …IF YOU LIVE IN A WOOD HOUSE THROW STONES AT A WOODPECKER.

Every once in a great while, we will get one that will peck on the metal chimney cap, echoing and reverberating down the flue and magnified in the firebox. Usually around dawn. If you are not aware of what it is that will take the kinks out of your colon.

What Richard suggests worked for me…only I used a couple of big plastic ones.

On another note :D, we had a large pileated woodpecker land on and ring our heavy dinner bell regularly last summer. It was during the day and quite entertaining to see.

Woodpecker peck for several reasons and what’s necessary to get rid of them depends on why they’re there.

[li]They peck on metal flues as a mating call.[/li][LIST]
[li]forget altering that behavior.[/li][/ul]
[li]They peck on tree branches looking for food[/li][ul]
[li]forget altering that behavior.[/li][/ul]
[li]They peck on hollow things because they nest in cavities and that includes hollow trees and house wall stud cavities.[/li][ul]
[li]recommend installing a nest box directly above holes drilled in exterior walls. They will sometimes adapt the box.[/li][/ul]