Stucco System that is woodpecker proof

We currently have an EIFS stucco system which is being destroyed by woodpeckers and other birds. We are considering replacing with a hard coat stucco with the hopes of preventing this. We are also considering putting acrylic stucco over the existing stucco as one contractor indicated the woodpeckers would not be able to punch through this. Is traditional or hard coat stucco or an acrylic stucco woodpecker proof?

You should look into what the woodpeckers are trying to eat rather than replacing your siding. Perhaps if you remove the food source “insects” you’ll get rid of the woodpeckers.

That is not the case with woodpeckers. They will peck anything to look for insects. Its a CCD thing with them. I have EIFS columns and the little bastards did a number on them for years.
I tried BB guns fake Owls and snakes,but finally found something that worked,Pinwheels. Haven’t had one drilling on my columns in a year since the pinwheels.Knock on wood!

We get this every spring on many different metal poles , It goes on for hours many times a day .

We get this every spring on many different metal poles , It goes on for hours many times a day .

This article from the Audubon society looks pretty helpful.

Woodpeckers peck for 3 reasons:

  1. They’re cavity nesters and drill holes in an effort to access a cavity for nesting.
  2. They eat insects but they typically don’t drill holes looking for insects.
  3. They peck to mark their territory and attract a mate. Again, they are most interested in making noise and don’t usually drill holes during this kind of activity, but sometimes they will drum on metal flues.

One of the best ways to prevent damage is to identify the species and install a properly-designed nesting box over the repaired damage.

Just in case you haven’t yet found a solution to your problem and for those who are checking this forum for answers, our company offers a patent-pending EIFS stucco solution that is woodpecker proof!

EIFS Armour uses a diamond mesh and unique anchoring system with acrylic hardeners that makes it impossible for woodpeckers and other birds to nest in or damage the building. It can be used to repair existing damage or used as a complete solution on a retrofit or new build.

Email us if you have any questions!