Hollow core door off garage

The door in the picture leads from a basement garage into a entertainment room which also has a bathroom that also has a door that exits into the basement garage. This is a hollow core door. The door that leads to the stairway up to the main living area was a fire rated door but not these other two doors. I felt like these should be fire rated doors as well. Am i wrong.


This Door Should Be Fire Rated As Well

It should also be self closing

True But Not I Florida

Up in our neck of the woods…Fire-rated metal clad, self-closing door as well.

The code may not require it, but the recommendation should still be made. Would you not agree?

If the stairway corridor is rated properly, only the door at the top of the stairs needs to be fire rated. Otherwise, only the first door from the garage needs to be fire rated.

The self-closing requirement only applies in jurisdictions where the UBC is enforced.

Enforced being the key word!

This door I’m speaking of is to a room that is in the basement garage. There is a separate door that leads to the stairway up to the main floor.

Are you sure the door isn’t fire rated? Some hollow core doors are.

Well no I am not. There was nothing on the door to determine whether it was or not.

It is supposed to be rated, so recommend verification.

Thanks, That what I will do.


I’m surprised. Here in Ontario it doesn’t have to be fire rated.
Self closing yes. But this is for fumes and gases only.

They also require gaskets all the way around .
Code I do not do code but safty yes they should all be self closing .
Some people have cars like me with keyless starting, lean up against the counter and you could kill every one in the home .

A quick note on that…I have a remote starter that was set for one button, one push start so I had them change it to one button 2 push start because I thought it would get started by accident too. :wink:

Gee great Idea just got the wife another car will look into that as I will be puting it on her car this week .
Thanks Cookie

Hi. Roy;

I do not use a remote car starter when my car is in the garage be because I don’t have one. ha. ha.

Is it not possible with today’s technology that if there is a possibility for a car to be started in the garage unattended, that the signal from the car starter would be synchronized to also activate the garage door opener and open the garage door. Just a thought.

Marcel:) :slight_smile: :smiley:

Gee sorry to hear you living in the North not having a garage .
A man with you ability and Talent I sort of expected you would have one .
This all the more reason to have a car starter it can warm the inside and have clean windshield when you leave.
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Just funnin you Marcel expect you do have garage and no starter .
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I’m watching “Click.” I need a remote like that.