Holmes inspection video, leaky, moldy basement,cold room etc

7:50…regrade huh…lollll!

11:50 weeping (drain) tile…that’s NOT the problem Bubba!

13:45 mold on basement wall BEHIND the drywall

18:10 cracks in block basement wall behind the drywall

19:40 EXTERIOR openings, as usual.

21:05 drain tile, he says ‘you can’t do/replace a section’…? Really?
I’ve been replacing sections for 35 YEARS, ZERO problems…duh!!

23:15 Piling dirt on bank near trench…with laborer in the trench! lololllll
The bank can cave in on IT’S OWN and you INCREASE the chance of a cave in when you pile dirt on bank, ADDED WEIGHT fool!

24:40 Spraying thin az tar on wall, dump truck backing onto driveway loll!
…No visqueen on wall. Expert???

25:15 Should have brought the tar etc up higher on basement wall. And still need to do something (parge,whatever) to those blocks above grade

29:45 Yap yap yap about drain tile and then YOU install CHEAP, WEAK plastic drain tile in with a dumb sock…pfffttt! That weak plastic junk (since your soo worried about drain tile EH) can collapse,crush,flatten from the WEIGHT on the backfill on top of it.

36:00 Blonde looks pretty good swinging the little sledgie…eh.

Ok so you see those EXTERIOR openings,cracks…and so this next video…just how in the world does installing this CRAP fix any exterior cracks/probles…huh? lol That inside JUNK never stops that water from entering and will NEVER stop-prevent MOLD, efflorescence BEHIND any drywall…or the junk inside companies place against the basement wall!!!