Ut, found it! lol Mike Holmes Flooded Basement - incompetent!

Truly screwed up man.

Ok so now afrer revisiting this video, leaky basement, other than some rod holes, appears to be 3 areas, 3 possible cracks, that means IF there are 3 cracks that leak then need to hand dig 3, 5’ long areas on the outside n waterproof the dumb cracks…

2:20 the corner, they shot epoxy in it lolol

2:50 basement window, now can’t see this good enough so most or maybe all of the water could be entering through, around, just under that window - IF no crack then all homeowners needed was a shallow trench dug in this area to seal just under that window and sure, maybe replace the window

2:55 electrical box area, appears there is a crack

so 2 small 5’ long areas by 7 or 8’ deep needed exterior waterproofing and maybe the B window area, i would have done a water test there to deduce if needed or not.

Did NOT need 3 whole sides done as he claimed, per what he showed in video, NO!

Again, some other areas may have leaked due to some deteriorated rod holes so, don’t need any EXT waterproofing if just 1 or more rod holes leak, sheesh

4:45 he yaps about WEEPING TILES, loololllllllllllllllllllllllol HEY Mike, weeping tiles have NOTHING to do with why there is a crack in foundation wall that allows water in, has nothing to do with a basement window that allows water in and so on!!! incompetent BIG time.

7:30 says all 3 sides lol

9:50 they leave the AC unit, they don’t disconnect it and pick it up and move it AWAY from work area/trench = stupid!

–Builder said exterior waterproofing was NOT necessary hahahaaaaaa yeah same old lying shtt man

11:25 TARPS! hahahhahaha

11:30 CAVE IN! smfg idiots!!!

11:55 Mikey says tarp helped…lolol u kidding man? Tarp didn’t do squat bro! It caved in, HELLO!

Mike says, ‘Clay is heavy stuff’…aahhahhahaaaaa DUH!!!

12:20 2nd cave in, lookie out beeeloooow!!! hahahahah ROOKIES!!!

12:35 see crack in the BANK, in soil?

14:10 SHORING!!! hahahhaaa NO WAY i’d allow my guys in THIS shtty, weak, risky trench WITH SHORING!!! NO way Jose, stupid rookies.

14:40 soil on driveway!!! smfg

16:45 soil and gravel on driveway and grass!!! Use the street wiener head!

17:10 Mike says, he backfills with 24" of gravel hahahhaha another mistake, BIG mistake!!!

So 2’ gravel and 5’ + clay soil = total moron, terrible job!!!

17:20 pushing clay back in

17:55 lololllll

– they are floundering foolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in this video, on this job, now that’s the TRUTH, how anyone on this planet could trust these Bozos on this subject is unreal, embarrassing, foolish but that’s how this world is now looololllllllllllllllll many think Mike is duh bomb, well he sure as shtt BOMBED on this job

Worse case scenario from what i can see in video… homeowners might have needed 15’ waterproofed on the outside, plus basement window, plus some rod holes done inside, plus maybe some other openings above grade needed tuckpointing, caulking – 15’ would have cost approx $3,000, they did 3 SIDES — IF all that was needed then why not show us all the OTHER cracks/leaks in basement on the inside and outside in his video!!

Sooo THIS is who many peeps in Can–A--da land and America trust? Really? lolollloll omfg something smells n this time it AIN’T my crack