Holy Crap. Comments welcome. Pull no punches

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I’m with you, Holy Crap!


An FPE panel was installed in a cabinet resulting in inadequate working clearances.

Looks more like the cabinet was installed over, behind, around the FPE panel. I’m thinkin it took more work to install that cabinet then it would have taken to replace/move the panel!


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From what I see, the cabinet came first. That is crazy.

Isn’t it OK as long as that’s in the bathroom?


Only if you stuff the shelves with toilet paper and flammable cosmetics, nail polish remover and the such.


I’d let them know that the FPE panels with original breakers are known to fail during fault conditions causing serious risk for house fires (especially in a cabinet like that), and or personal injury/death from electrical shock. New production replacement breakers are available to replace the old if they can’t afford to replace the panel altogether at that time.

Sound about right my fellows? Miss anything?

The panels themselves are also a fire hazard due to poor design, so not only does the panel need replaced, but it needs to be relocated.

On another note that FPE panel box would make a good junction box.

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I agree.

Most likely someone took great pride in that carpentry job.

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Did not want to state the obvious, but here is the obvious.


Sure. Just make the stab-loc harder to reach.

High marks for creative use of space…

Nice carpentry work. Something to be proud of, lol

OMG… I just love it… What can I say… It’s why I became a CPI.