Home Access

I am running into issues with the selling agent and listing agent not wanting to spend their time to allow me access into my clients property. Does anyone have a solution for this. Feeling frustrated! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you get lockbox access?

The answer depends on where you are and what is customary for your local market.

I am in Pueblo Colorado. These lock boxes require an electric key which I am sure I need to join another Realtor association. I don’t think it is right for me to pay $500 a year to have access to inspect a home.

Although most purchase and sale contracts state that the seller is to allow access to the property. This requirement is then passed through to the listing agent.

Lock box access would help, in my opinion it is worth the cost.

in areas that they still do not have Electronic lock boxes. the agent can give you the code to the combo box.

I have found some agents do not want to even give out a code if you are not an affiliate with the local realtor association.

That’s like saying I have a car, but I don’t think it’s right to have to pay for gas.

My local association doesn’t give HI electronic lock box access, so it’s not an issue in my area. But if they did, I’d gladly pay the fees.

Does your area have access to MLS key?
Call your association of realtors. Its an app for your smartphone.

I appreciate your comments but that’s like comparing apples to oranges. Everyone needs gas in their car, the client should be able to schedule access to the home they are purchasing. The listing and selling agents should be more than happy to allow you access into a house they are selling. Also, this is just a part time job i am doing, I am not trying to make a living doing this. I hold a full time position as an Industrial maintenance coordinator at north Americas largest wind generation tower factory. I am doing this because i like it and don’t want to spend more money that is not necessary. They client should be able to gain access anytime they need to. This look bad on the realtors part. Again, Thanks for all the comments.

It doesn’t look bad on the realtors part. The boxes have a code for a reason.

**** or get off the pot. If you’re not prepared to invest what the professionals do and just want to treat it as a part time gig, then be prepared to miss out on those inspections.

They’re not your boxes, they’re there for a reason and just as your competition who you are trying to get inspections from have to pay, so should you. Not being harsh, but it’s an all or none business.

I appreciate that Wayne. I hear where you are coming from. I still see it at a different angle though. I work for the client and the selling agent works for the client and we should all be working as a team to satisfy the customer. The client should be able to gain access from the selling agent for purposes like this. Thanks again. I’ll just have to **** if I want to be successful. ������ Good thread. Thanks to all.

In may not be right but it’s quite simple. Pay to play or you won’t get to play.

The great thing about having a key is more often than not the agent does not attend the inspection, at least in my area.

$500.00 is made up quickly, when agents run late.

Thank you all! You have opened up my eyes and my mind. Truly appreciate the feedback.

You will find having the convenience of access is worth it…not to mention if it brings you business it will quickly pay for itself. Remember its not costing you the full $500 as its a great tax write off.

Thanks Troy!������

One inspection fee pays for the whole year. No brainer.

Join the Pueblo Realtors Association. They’re not that bad of a group. Luckily, although I’m only 30 minutes from you, I’ll leave Pueblo to you for now, I concentrate on all areas south of Pueblo, out to Springfield to the East, Raton, New Mexico to the South, and Saguache County to the West…but if you ever need help, let me know.

Thank you Marcy! I am glad there is someone close to me. I appreciate your offer and might take you up on that.:smiley: