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hi can somebody tell me how effective is HomeAdvisor?. than you so much and Merry christmass

Using Home Advisor

Found these results on that new google thing

home advisor internachi site:www.nachi.org - Google Search

DO NOT WASTE your money, home advisor and angies list have merged and still blood suckers. If you do sign up and then try to talk to them, they do not answer their phones. Just net work, I’ve found that the local chambers and BNI groups are the best place to net work and get business along with doing lunch and learns at real estate firms.

Take the money you would spend on Home Advisor leads and invest it in the best managed website you can afford. You’ll get better leads and don’t have to compete with the 3 or 4 other inspectors that get the same lead.

Basically this is what HA is doing. They are taking your money and spending it on google ads, TV and radio commercials etc.

Thank you everyone for your feed back

I used to use them to get filler work. I made the mistake of including mold work. Cost me $40 and $50 per lead and many of the same people were calling me directly anyway. Mold is a hard one as well, because people call for a little black on their bathroom windows or on their siding. You get charged to basically tell people to clean. The leads go out to multiple people as well and I found that I either wasn’t in cell range to call back quickly or was working so someone else got the work and I paid for the lead. If not for one $10,000 mold job that I did get, I would not have broken even over the 3 years that I used them. You have to be right on it. I personally would not use them again.

These people are awful! I keep telling them to loose my number, but they call me every 3 months. I have filed many complaints with the FCC and tried to block their number. None of it works because they keep changing their phone number. This is super frustrating.

Home Adviser is not the greatest place to spend your money. Most clients do not know the inspector is charged for the lead, they think it is all free.

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Had to threaten a law suit to get them to remove my web site and phone #, this is when they were service magic!! stay away.

Yep, same problems when I used Service Magic back in the day for my construction company. They still keep calling for my construction and inspection business and say that it’s different now. LOL, BS