Home Adviser

Has anyone used Home adviser to get clients? They call me constantly and want me to sign up. Is it cost effective?

I have asked them to put me on their Do Not Call list many times, but they keep calling. Maybe this last time will stick, I may have raised my voice a little. We will see.

I think there is a fee, plus they get a cut for referrals. I prefer to spend my marketing dollars elsewhere. My $0.02.

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I have had good luck with it so reach out to me if you want to talk about it. Most others do not like it but I have had it work well for me for almost a full year now.

You must think it is cost effective or you wouldn’t use them. It is not a cheap service and as you said I haven’t found anyone that likes it. Let me know what you can.

Andy Rees
Weatherford, TX

They called me today. I told them I was not interested in their services. He asked why? I replied I think you know why. Then they hung up on me!

Lol. Ken, that is an awesome rebuttal - I’ll use it next chance I get :slight_smile:

I must get a dozen calls a week from this one or that one, home advisor, yp, Yelp, Google, you name it. I’ve tryed a bunch, none of them have worked for me any better than the free advertising you can find on the web.

I had them calling me twice a day. I finally told them that I was making note of their daily calls and if they didn’t stop the next call would be my lawyer. He got very rude with me on the phone and said “I guess you want your business to fail then.” I would have considered trying them if their telemarketer wouldn’t have been so persistent and rude with me.

They’ve gotten nastier the last few times that I told them to kick rocks as well. Final nail in the coffin for me.

Andy, do the basics first. You don’t even have your website in your message board signature.