I have just been contacted by Home Advisor

I have only been certified for a couple of days, just got a call from Home Advisor. How do you experienced inspectors feel about HA?

Good! That right there shows how hungry they are…Yep!



Brother Gary
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Thanks, Hey, I’m new at this.

Tell them if they’d like to do business with you, it will cost them $25 per phone call and email. “Uhhmmmmmm” was their reply.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hey Mark, what a great idea! Lol

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hello Gary Warren im also new and just received a call from home advisor, Im also looking to see what others think about home advisors, are they worth the money? are they getting referrals to home inspectors? if anyone has more info please share? thank you


The plaintiffs are seeking class-action status for the lawsuit. If granted, the class-action suit would include complaints from more than 880 home service professionals spanning several states


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Wow! Really appreciate those insights. Not too hard to make a decision.

A “few” one star reviews… :astonished:

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Always great info mr. Goldbenberg

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It’s your lucky day!

Home Advisor’ should not be something you can consider. They are scammer !! and will drain your pocket

Essentially you are paying $XXX/month for marketing i.e. to have your name presented to potential home buyers. By and large 1-2 out of 10 leads are legit, the balance are worthless, at least up here in Northeast PA and it’s very difficult to get credit for worthless leads. It is an avenue that will add possible leads. You will much more success if you visit your local realtors, drop off some pens, candy, etc. and introduce yourself and your services.

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Thanks Thom, I will listen to everyone that has commented on this.

Just a ‘few’ 1 star ratings LOL


Many years back I tried it for a year. My very first call was for a roof inspection which I got. I was so excited, than reality set in. I went a whole year with no inspections just a bunch of people wanting to know how much I charged and a WHOLE BUNCH of calls of people that do not answer but I got billed. (I can tell people how much I charge for free.) Also they give that same number to more than 3 people. I even paid more to be the only one who got the number. Found out I was not the only one and still just wanted to know price. Just cost more.

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We (Home Inspectors) will say “NO TOGETHER TO HOME ADVISER”…