Home Depot ad for using their electricians

Multiple problems with this. I see 3 violations, anyone else?
Maybe 4.

Picture or link ?

Got the picture to load. Finally. This is a Home Depot ad from Nov 17th

Yep, the receptacle is upside down. What do you see?

Also the wrapping is still on the wires coming into the box. What else?

There are no violations that I can see. He’s not done yet. EGC needs to be bonded to the box…that’s about it.

Not sure why he would be installing a receptacle before drywall though.

There is no right side up or upside down.

Correct, the amount of free conductor is not 6" or more.

The wrapping is called the sheath or jacket.

You missed the lack of free conductor required. See above.

Correct, no egc to the box

Might be an unfinished area that will not have drywall.

I was kidding on that one.

Missed that. Some believe there is a right side up.

I’ll post what I see later when I get back but I think its a crummy ad that doesn’t show a good electrical work.

How can anything be incorrect until it is completed?
How is he going to screw the outlet to the box without the mud ring?

I must be missing something, because it looks like an ad to promote their products not electricians.

There may be no right side up but there is a safer side up ;-).

If there were a safer side “up” that would be part of the NEC don’t you think?

Yup. :slight_smile:

Kind of curious how he intends to mount his receptacle in that junction box

Yep! No mud ring.

Even more curious why he appears to be wiring directly to the outlet instead of pig-tailing a wire for the outlet from the oncoming and outgoing wires - but for everyone that commented on mike Holmes radon installation the other day and then found out that was the Canadian way, maybe this is the Canadian way, eh?