'The trial court found the foundation repair company did not have knowledge or understanding....'


in-part, 'The foundation repair company sold it’s SYSTEMS to the homeowner representing that they would stabilize her house from further movement when IN REALITY it did not have the knowledge or understanding… AND “simply did not really care”… the court further found that the company FRAUDULENTLY MISREPRESENTED whether an engineer would be involved… reckless and fraudulent conduct of the foundation repair company

“and simply did not really care”

“and simply did not really care”

:and simply did not really care"

and yet the better business bureau gives 'em an A+ rating, one scam and another


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yes, yes sir, empty beer cans lol

Umm, this is an older case but ‘telling’, lemme touch upon some things if ya please


Pioneer waterproofing… homeowner had some dampness from time to time and expereinced trickles of water running DOWN the walls during heavy rains.
–well then depending on how high UP the wall the water was first entering means either there is an ext-crack in wall and-or 1 or more ext-openings above the wall outside so NOBODY should be recommending an interior perimeter drainage aka pressure relief system inside the basement, incompetent, negligent big time.

Ok so Pioneer sells them an INT system of course lol, they remove a 12" section of the FLOOR with jackhammer (perimeter of floor-wall), some of the basement walls were covered with paneling. Pioneer, in doing the job removes some of the paneling and find, HELLOOOOOO, a large vertical crack (just because a home inspector does not see any foundation cracks doesn’t ever mean there aren’t some).

When they jack hammered perimeter floor out, they found it was 1-2" thick lol. (someone may have installed an INT system prior to this homeowner or Mr Builder cut corners eh)

So they installed the negligent interior drainage system, 2 months pass and then a heavy rain occurs, umm, heavy rain saturates the SOIL outside against the wall, if its clay or silt it expands, pushes against the dumb wall, and since the wall already had an least 1 large exterior crack, aka weakened condition (and who knows whast shape the blocks were in, deteriorated?), the basement wall moves in 3 inches after the heavy rain

SHOULD have recommended and had exterior waterproofing done, NOT an INT system!

As the engineer stated, the blocks can deteriorate, crumble just from water entering them, GOT IT?

When they put the concrete back in-down on floor over the negligent INT system it was likely about the same thin crap 1-2", not good when there is already a large crack in wall

Bottom line imo, again lol exterior waterproofing done correctly is what was needed but NOT recommended nor done. INT systems and sump pumps do NOT seal-waterproof the existing cracks on the exterior of the wall and other possible openings on exterior of wall and they do NOT relieve, lessen ANY lateral pressure on the outside of these walls which cause many of these problems = scam

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