Home Gauge SW for sale

I’ll sweeten it some more, a year’s dues PLUS a $100 gift cert to www.InspectorOutlet.com

Mark, Nick, Marc,
If still available, I will pay the asking price. Let me know how you want to work out the details.

Thanks Nick for your generosity!

Excellent software, great deal, free renewal, $100 InspectorOutlet gift card, and you help out a fellow inspector in need.

Glad I can Help.

Andrew, I have given your information to Marc’s wife and Son. Someone should be contacting you.

I am assuming that Andrew McDonald is getting the software at the same price I offered. Is this correct? No problem, just confusing. I wanted to make sure before moving on!

Jim Murphy

Yes they sold it to Andrew for the full price up front.

Thanks’ to every one. And a big thank you to Nack and Russel for throwing in all the freebies.

Thank you Andrew for wanting to use HomeGauge. We will be contacting you soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

On behalf of HomeGauge, a special thanks to Nick and InterNACHI for adding real value to this deal. Thank you.

Membership to INACHI
$100 in the INACHI store
HomeGauge Services for a year plus website and hosting

Hey Dennis Schad and Jim Murphy:

Email me for a HomeGauge special offer for your participation.


Thank you,

Andrew, email me at fastreply@nachi.org for your $100 InspectorOutlet gift cert and your free renewal. I’m out of the office on Monday so won’t reply till Tues.

Nice software buy!

Andrew, renewed and $100 on its way.

Thanks Nick and also everyone at HomeGauge.

As an FYI… Porter Valley (InspectVue) just hit me up on Friday the 14th, for my subscription renewal which does not come due until November. They want my money for 3 months before it is due. Not gonna happen. Glad that I cut the cord with them. Absolutely no service or support.

Also, I use HIP for my Thermal Imaging software. Just wanted to let Dominic know that I appreciate his product and outstanding customer support.