Looking for HomeGauge Software License.

Wanted to see if anyone has a license they want to sell.
If so please call me at 321-506-5504

Sean, you giving up HG?

I think Russel sells them. I don’t think anyone else “owns” a license that they have rights to sell. That would be akin to a client reselling your inspection.

and the buyer who bought my inspection could easily sell it to someone else.
Thanks though. :stuck_out_tongue:

It don’t work that way!

Yes it does. Home Gauge will let you sell the license to someone else. I purchased mine from an inspector who posted it in the classified section of the MB. They just have to make sure its deleted from the previous owners computer and then you can install it on your machine. The price is what ever you agree to.

how bout that ladies!! Thanks Mr. Brittian.
Now, who’s got some software to sell??

As I recall, the seller got special approval from HG to sell it. That doesn’t make it standard policy. Whether the licenses are resellable or not is entirely dependent on the license agreement and HG policy. I suggest that you confirm that they will allow you to activate it before you buy a license from a third party, as it certainly isn’t the norm.

IMO, it’s another form of vendor marketing. They don’t dare risk allowing a potential client to go to another vendor, so they allow the reselling of licenses. Even though they won’t make any money on the transfer (although they could charge a small admin fee), over time they will collect with upgrades and ancillary offerings (such as web hosting, “companion” services, etc.). As for HG, Russell is greedy and will not pass up the opportunity for future $$$.

Price shopper. :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck with the lowballer.