Home Inspection and Mold Inspection Forms

Does anyone have a standard Home Inspection form and Mold Inspection form that they like to use?


Form for what? Contract?

I do not do mold inspecitons for several reasons:

  1. There are no standards; federal, state, local, to go by. There are no paramiters.

  2. Molds are everywhere. You should test the outside of the home for mold, and at the same time, the inside, and compare the two. Weather changes, and so will the mold results.

  3. Some people are allergic, some are not. Some can eat peanut butter, some cannot. Molds can be in fabrics, pillows, drapes, carpet: are you going to test all of those?

Just too contriversial for me. (Where is the spell check, anyway?)

Thanks Gary, but do you have a home inspection form that you use?

Please define “form”. What is the form used for? There are many.

I’m new to the inspection business and would like to see what other inspectors are using to give their clients. Right now we just do Windstorm Inspections in Florida, but we also want to add Home and Mold.

Form/Checklist to use when performing inspection and also to give to client at the end of inspection. Does that make it clearer?

We call that “an inspection report”.

Over the years, I have created my own forms using Exel with drop down boxes. There are many software programs out there, many which you can read about on this message board. You need one that you can fine tune for your own personal needs. Check with your local NACHI chapter.

Ahhhh. An inspection Report. James do you have one that I could look at? Thanks

Are you planning to teach yourself how to write an inspection report by reading others?

Yes. I am trying to look at as many as possible to get a good idea of what I want ours to look like. I have taken several courses on the inspection process and have also been on several inspections with a gentleman that has been in the business for over 25 years. I just want to see what other reports look like, so I can make the report that I end up using the best possible for the client. Thanks

Jeramy, go to www.professionalequipment.com

They have check list forms that you can buy. If your looking for ideas to set up your own report you can buy individual reports and take the best from each of them to develop your own report.

They also sell every tool an inspector could ever need. Good people to deal with.

Good luck.

Your website states that your inspection report comes with photos. What software program are you using for report writing to incorporate these photos. If you use a checklist report with no photos you can make more friends with realtors and really make the big bucks$$$$;):wink:

Thanks Peter. That’s a big help